Meet The Team

Meet the people that make up PBC

Rob Whitzman

President and CEO

Armed with a B.Sc. [Physics Major) and Honours B.Sc. [Computing & Computer Electronics] from Wilfrid Laurier University, Rob embarked on a two-decade career gaining experience and expertise across many facets of IT from Custom Software Development, network administration and IT planning and management.

This real-world understanding of Corporate IT as well as communicating with and understanding the goals of the C-Suite gave Rob unique insight into telecom expense and management challenges.  With that knowledge, he put his software development skills to work to create PBC propriety analytic software – the secret ingredient in optimizing and reducing telecom expenses.  He was also able to apply his vast experience into the world of Risk and Opportunity Consulting and Solutions.

Rob’s interests go further than zeros and ones; he’s also a downright “nice guy” with a genuine desire to help people and work on fascinating project’s including involvement with rescue submarines and “Hard Suits” which resembles a spacesuit that goes down to the depths of the ocean.

Rob is a dedicated family man and committed to providing his client’s great customer service and value as the owner of PBC Communications.

Martin has a passion for facilitation, training and coaching others in the topics of Risk management, Internal audit and compliance. Martin uses his unique Scottish accent and style to gain trust and build relationships that are trustful and meaningful. It’s not just about “Risk”… It’s also about the “Opportunities”.

As Chief Risk Officer, Martin facilitates work with global clients. This includes strategic planning, HR strategies and risk strategies for senior leadership teams.  Martin is a thought leader and sought-after risk opportunity and change management expert across the globe. 

Martin Pow

PBC Risk Audit and Compliance Advisor

CISSP, CISA, QICA, CCSA Doctor Honoris Causa